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You can bring PCT to you! Looking for unique entertainment for your special event or fundraiser? Pickerington Comedy Take-out is the ticket! Featuring improv and sketch comedy, our troupe of traveling comedians will come to your venue and entertain your group or guests. Plus, we are under license from with Contemporary Drama to recreate timeless sketches from The Carol Burnett Show. We’ll design the perfect lighthearted evening for your group.

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Pickerington Comedy Take-out

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“The sketches were so funny…thank you for sharing your fantastic abilities to make people laugh and enjoy life…”

– Shirley Wasem, Davis Auditorium Fundraising Committee, Lancaster Campground

“The Carol Burnett sketches brought back such wonderful memories! We laughed until our sides hurt! Everyone had a great time and loved going back in time with this group! You’re never too old or young to laugh!”

– Terri Glimcher, Activity/Volunteer Coordinator, Sunrise of Worthington